While developing the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm we intend to maintain good relations with our neighbours. This means focusing on minimizing the impact on natural and historical heritage of the local landscape and keeping open dialogue with the local community.

The vast majority of Polish residents support the development of offshore wind farms in Poland (83%). According to a survey carried out for the Ministry of Climate and Environment, 76% of respondents would like to use electricity from offshore wind farms in their households. 8 out of 10 believe that the energy obtained thanks to offshore wind farms is able to increase the energy security of the country*.

Offshore wind energy is an important source of electricity that will strengthen Poland's energy independence. Offshore wind energy, like all own energy sources, has become crucial for building and maintaining the country's energy security. Like all renewable energy sources, it will also change Poland's energy mix. The operation of the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm will allow for a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions with an estimated amount of approx. 8 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

* Survey of environemntal awareness and behaviour regarding wind energy (onshore and offshore) by the Ministry of Climate and Environment in November 2020.


The Baltica Offshore Wind Farm and its land infrastructure connection was designed and will be developed according to all legal requirements regarding the environmental protection.


What actions were taken to minimize the environmental impact of onshore and offshore infrastructure?

Local economy

What benefits will the investment bring to the local communities?

Stimulus for the local business

During development of the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm there will be demand for local services, such as accommodation, catering, which creates opportunities for local business