Offshore wind farms are one of the fastest developing renewable energy sectors. New wind turbines capable of providing green energy to millions of households are installed each year at seas all around Europe. Currently, the majority of them are located in the North Sea. According to experts, the Baltic Sea also stands a chance of becoming a popular destination for offshore wind farms, as it offers great environmental conditions for erecting structures of this type. The PGE Capital Group also wishes to capitalize on that potential via its Offshore Program, under which up to 6.5 GW of capacity are to be installed by 2040.

During the first phase of the Offshore Program, Baltica 2 and Baltica 3 wind farms will be erected jointly by PGE and the leader of the world’s offshore energy sector – the Danish company of Ørsted.

Construction of offshore wind farms provides numerous branches of Poland’s industry with great development opportunities, as they may participate in the process of planning, constructing and operating wind farms in the Baltic Sea.




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